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Presentation Boards

Presentation boards can add a wow factor to your presentation to make you stand out. Presentation boards are usually used for one-time events or presentations. Common applications range from directional and meeting room signage at trade shows to litigation and courtroom exhibits. 

Presentation boards offer image protection by providing a semi rigid substrate to keep your image from curling and allow you to present your image without the concern of how to display.

Media options range from bond, matte, satin and glossy.

Substrates range from foam board to gator foam to improve rigidity. Available in black or white board color and available in 3/16”, ½”, ¾”, 1”, and 1 1/2” thicknesses.

Finishing options include over laminating in matte or gloss to protect image quality, allow for wiping and clean-up of fingerprints. Over lam on both sides reduce cupping and bowing.